#NewNormal What To Expect Returning To Studio Classes


A step by step Customer guide for your first, post reopening, visit.

 What to expect…

  • Upon arrival to the Studio building cover your mouth and nose properly with a mask or face covering.  This is an enforced policy at present – please do not remove your covering for the duration of your visit.
  • Enter the building and use the stairs to access our floor.
  • Keeping to the RIGHT side of stairs – signage in place
  • We are operating a ONE in one out in the toilet for Hand Washing.
  • Compulsory hand washing before entering the studio is a cornerstone of the safety features we are adopting. Please execute diligently.
  • This may result in a Que system along the RIGHT side of the stairs THREE steps apart – Markings in place
  • The Waiting Area is OUT OF USE during this time.
  • Come right to the end of the hall – The BOTTOM door is the new ENTRANCE.
  • We will endeavour to keep all doors OPEN in advance of class start times avoiding any contact with doors along your journey.
  • Before entering you must take off your shoes and place all belonging (please keep to a minimum) into your bag
  • There is an automatic Hand Sanitizer immediately inside the door.
  • As you enter please follow directions to the 1st available spot.
  • Once you enter you will see the designated spots to place YOUR OWN MAT onto.
  • Walk up to the store deposit your belongings in one of the cubbies & roll out your mat on your designated spot. Please stay on your mat until the class is over.
  • Because of the handwashing, there will be a staggered entry so please be swift to get your mat down & your belongings stowed away.
  • The designated areas as specifically set to ensure correct social distance PLEASE do not place your mat anywhere except inside one of these outlines.
  • Enjoy your class!!!
  • When the class is finished STAY at your spot and roll up your mat.
  • From the TOP (closest to the store) one at a time go to the store to retrieve your items GO BACK TO YOUR SPOT. Put your shoes/coat etc on and one by one leave via the TOP door.
  • The cubbies will be the first thing the instructors sanitize after each class.
  • Ensure to hand sanitizer as you leave the studio.

Feel the effects of the class for at least 2 days or you were not working hard enough!!! Get your next week’s classes booked in.

I am so looking forward to welcoming everyone back and I already know there will be plenty of new faces who have been joining us online.

In the meantime please observe all guidelines so we can open and stay open.

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