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Warnings of Postnatal Exercise

I know exactly what it’s like! You spend 9mths of pregnancy day-dreaming of how you’re gonna get back into shape after you have your little bundle and as soon as you physically can you try to launch yourself straight back into it!

I was lucky enough to have both my babies in early December so Christmas and the winter weather kept me indoors, relaxed in front of the fire with my focus firmly on bonding with my lil one. Nevertheless it was buzzing around in the back of my head, like an annoying to do list, that I should think about getting started.
Particularly if you were a regular exerciser pre-pregnancy, separate to the weight/body shape issues, you really miss it and are dying to get the feel good factor from doing a good workout!
I’ve noticed an increase in postnatal specific exercise classes being offered by different main stream fitness outlets lately which is just fantastic. It is important for new mums to feel there are special classes specific to their needs and to encourage women to back to exercise and its tremendous benefits for the postnatal mum.

While I would caution women against returning to regular exercise too quickly it is possible to participate is postpartum specific programs relatively quickly. These programs should be specifically designed and delivered by a suitably qualified and experienced Health and Fitness professional preferably with personal knowledge of how your body changes during pregnancy, be highly aware of the possible circumstances that would affect what you should and shouldn’t do along with an extensive knowledge of exactly what your body needs to bring it back to full strength and function. It is your duty to yourself and your delicate body to ensure these standards of care are behind your chosen program.
Classes should be tummy friendly and focused on building strength from the inside out. It is NOT ok to launch into abdominal workouts, high intensity programs or weight loss focused fitness programs.

You should to be acutely aware that certain exercises and components of mainstream classes can adversely affect your body’s recovery and journey back to full function health and shape. Ensure your provider is qualified to administer and carries out a Diastasis Rectus Assessment on each new mum to ascertain where you are at and to help figure out the best course of action for YOU.
With all this in mind getting back to exercise with a postnatal class will be a fabulous experience as you meet other new mums in the same boat as you and lap up the encouragement and support these classes offer not just from your leader but from other mamas too!

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