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Top 5 Exercise Mistakes for Women with Kids

For 15 years I’ve developed exercise programmes for expectant mums and women with children. But after my own two children my body changed and what worked before didn’t work anymore. Could your exercise routine be doing more harm than good?

Mistake 1: Pregnancy isn’t an illness. There are some nice, soft gentle classes out there for pregnant women but you really need more. You need to know how to physically prepare your body for pregnancy, how to prepare for the birth and critically how to rehabilitate after the baby.

Mistake 2: Once you have a baby you can never go back. You need a new approach to get the results you want. Often we just try to go back to what we were doing before. But this is most likely doing more harm than good especially after your second or subsequent pregnancies.

Mistake 3: Exercising with an undiagnosed injury after your baby/ babies. Do you have back-pain, a weak bladder, hernia or a pot-belly that won’t shift? Then most likely you haven’t rehabilitated from your pregnancies (no matter how long ago they were). You are possibly doing longer-term damage exercising with an undiagnosed injury. .

Mistake 4: Re-joining normal fitness classes/ programmes straight after your baby.  The quality of care and training that women with children are getting from the mainstream fitness industry is pretty low. After kids you need to be under the care of someone who is trained and qualified to understand what you can’t do, what you need to do and then pushes you to get results.

Mistake 5: Giving up. I’ve met hundreds of women with older children who never rehabilitated after their pregnancies and now they are really suffering in silence. These are young but their confidence is gone. They have given up or are afraid to exercise.

With a bit of knowledge and the right consistent exercise you will feel so much better and look fitter and healthier. Check out my workshop in Athlone April 15

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