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Sedentary Professionals:

Stuck to a desk all day? Pilates is a fantastic exercise option for you. After been seated all day you can start to feel:

• Stiff and achy from tight muscles.
• Headaches and eyestrain from working at a desk for long hours.
• Tired and sleepy from the lack of moving around during the day.
• Irritated and frustrated from low endorphin release, which only occurs during exercise.
• Unmotivated and low mood from the lack of exercise.
• Unconfident and unattractive physically from loss of muscle tone as a result of inactivity.

I understand it is difficult to find the motivation to change what can become a habit so quickly. It might seem easier to go home after a long day and sit down again, but I want to help people change to a healthier lifestyle. My classes are focused and easy so you can adapt Pilates into your lifestyle every week.

Why do Pilates?
• Reduced Back Pain and Aches
• Boost Circulation and sense of Wellbeing
• Longer & leaner muscles
• Improves postural problems
• Boosts mood and relaxation
• Increases core strength, stability and peripheral mobility
• Mind Body exercise system
• Prevents injury
• Aids rehabilitation after accident / injury
• Compliments existing cardio fitness
• Enhances movement
• Builds strength & flexibility
• Develops body awareness and postural alignment
• Low impact exercise (it easy on the joints)
• Modified to suit everyone from rehab patients to elite athletes
• Enhances sports performance (golf, running, triathlon, football, etc.)
• Improves balance, coordination & circulation
• Uses the body’s natural resistance
• Feel good about your body

I am passionate about my method of Pilates. I have seen the results over and over. It is one of the most powerful, results delivering exercise systems I have ever come across. It will change how your feel about exercise and your body. Alison Hogan Pilates is for everyone!

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