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Princess Kate is about to meet reality with baby no.3


Whether you’re royalty or not, recovering after 3+ babies is hard- but it shouldn’t be this hard.

I have often shared how surprised I was by my second child and how different I found my recovery second time around. Over 15 yrs I’ve seen from my clients the impact that 2 or more babies can have on a body.

Our standards are too low

And even when new mothers do get to exercise the quality of care and specialised training that women with children are getting from the mainstream fitness industry is far too low. Over the years I’ve seen so many times for example, a thirty five year old woman with two or three children who is getting back to fitness after a couple of years. Suddenly she’s doing exercise classes alongside women with no children. Physically both these women are so different and have such different needs. So for a new mum this is possibly doing more harm than good and is unlikely to get her results.

You need to focus on strength first

In the short-term after a baby we need to switch from ‘aesthetics’ to focusing on strength and stability. The quicker you can rehabilitate your core muscles and pelvic floor muscles the quicker you can move on to the aesthetics. But skipping this phase can result in  back-pain, weak bladders, hernias and a ‘pot-belly’ that won’t budge.

Are you suffering?

Year after year I meet young women with children who are suffering in silence. Their confidence is gone and they find exercise ineffective.

If this is you – I have developed a Mamalates Restore Your Core Workshop. The half-day will help you reset, recharge and learn how to be fitter and healthier.

Join me for the relaunch of my online programme, MamaLates Restore Your Core 21-day system, Monday 23rd April

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Mamalates Restore Your Core    

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