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Pilates.. One size does NOT fit all!

Like everything you decide to do, there are beginner, improver and advanced levels. Pilates is no different. And like everything you do there are different ways Pilates classes are offered and sometimes that’s ‘one level fits all’. Since training as a Pilates instructor in 2003 I have always offered and taught varying levels and now 13 years on I feel it is still one of the most valued and attractive elements of how I teach and my unique method. I feel it is the gold standard and I recommend you have a chat with me to help you choose the correct Pilates level for you.

5 Reasons Pilates Levels are Important

1. Implementing the fundamentals of the Pilates technique
2. Respecting your body’s abilities and limitations
3. Ability to achieve correct abdominal engagement
4. Ability to recognize correct alignment
5. Comfortable yet challenging

Implementing the fundamentals of the Pilates technique

The key to performing an effective Pilates workout with desired results is to learn the fundamentals of Pilates. The Pilates Studio level for beginners is called Fundamentals. It is essential to learn this Pilates level and build from there and it’s so comforting to know, as you begin, that you are in a group with people who know as little as you do! There is no fitness, flexibility or knowledge requirement, you will not be shamed by the person beside you as they do moves you’d never dare to try! Fundamentals is a series of exercises put together to be completely doable for even the stiffest, most inactive body. The focus is on gaining a new understanding of your body and begin a gentle exploration of correct movement – with particular emphasis on breath control, abdominal support, and pelvic/spinal alignment.
Without fundamental knowledge, you will not achieve an effective Pilates practice, so I slow things down and teach a deconstructed version of Pilates until you are confident you understand and feel it correct in your own body then…. I add the challenge!!

Respecting your body’s abilities and limitations

Everyone has a different body makeup with varying levels of fitness, strength and stamina. It is important that you are in a class where you feel comfortable and have the ability to do the positions without feeling under pressure or body stress. I will always provide guidance and recommended modifications once I am aware of any postural problems or injuries. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to respect your body. You will build on your strength, stamina, flexibility and control. It is about progression and body respect.

Ability to achieve correct abdominal engagement

No matter what Pilates level you are at, achieving and maintaining correct abdominal engagement during exercise is vital. This core engagement is where all Pilates exercises work from. Only with time and practice will you build a stronger core. You can then accomplish more advanced and challenging positions. Your instructor should understand your body and gently push you to challenge yourself in your Pilates practice. At The Pilates Studio small equipment like the Pliates ring, gym ball and small ball are used to increase strength and intensity in core engagement.

Ability to recognize correct alignment

Recognising when you are in correct body alignment during your Pilates practice takes time. Most of us at some point in our lives developed bad postural habits. These are only corrected with body awareness and practice. This is another reason why at The Pilates Studio class levels were developed. During our Progressive class alignment becomes automatic whereas in Fundamentals and Intermediate correct alignment is becoming an ingrained good postural habit.

Comfortable yet challenging

Whether you are attending a Fundamentals Pilates class or you are moving up a Pilates level you should not feel stressed or uncomfortable. Yes, I do want you to challenge your body but in a class where everyone is in the same boat! If you were a beginner who attends a Progressive class it would be too big a challenge. You might feel discouraged to attend again. And mixed level class can create unrealistic expectations of your ability. Most people try and push their bodies too hard. By not attending the correct Pilates level, you lose the important fundamentals of the Pilates technique which every exercise is built from.

And so,

Pilates levels allow you to practice your Pilates at a level you will build from. It feels good to move up the levels where you will constantly challenge your ability and see amazing results. At The Pilates Studio all levels are catered for separately. There are also specially developed signature classes for pre and postnatal mothers and those who suffer from Back, Neck Pain or Bad Posture

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