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Back Pain & Injury

Back Health, Injury Recovery & Prevention
For those seeking rehabilitative benefits we aim to achieve positive movement experiences. Our posture, how we move, and extended periods of sitting influence how much pressure we place on some muscles while weakening others. Alison Hogan Pilates restores balance and alignment while toning, strengthening, and gently stretching your entire body.
Pain and discomfort can become all too normal. My experience allows me to quickly assess your postural and injury concerns. Alison Hogan Pilates builds confidence by helping you learn body awareness and create positive movement experiences for yourself.

Pilates can relive Back Pain and Discomfort

A vast portion of my customers say their initial motivation to do Pilates came from their back pain or back weakness and how it impacted their lives. I am still amazed how everyone regardless of their issues reports massive improvements even after just a few classes!

Pilates can Prevent Injury

With Alison Hogan Pilates you attain a strong focus on your core muscles. Nearly all our movements initiate from the core. A strong core allows for excellent postural balance and ease of movement. Enhanced strength and flexibility leads to greater overall body stability preventing strains, weakness, and injuries from simple everyday tasks and sporting endeavours.

Individual & Tailored

Alison Hogan Pilates exercises are modified and tailored to the individual needs while retaining their effectiveness. I ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed while learning the Pilates principles. I also use equipment aids to work with different physical conditions.

Pain Free
The Pilates method is a proven rehabilitative exercise system. Doctors and physical therapists agree it creates powerful and active results in relieving pain and discomfort.

“Pain does not have to rule your life, there is a solution…Alison Hogan Pilates”


Athletes and Sports

Pilates has enhanced athletes, dancers, and sports people’s performance all around the world for the last 60+ years. It has been recommended by many high profile sporting bodies like the GAA and Rugby Union.
During my classes you will increase your body awareness, its limitations and possible imbalances. In this way, you will become a better athlete understanding your body’s capabilities and preventing injury.

I provide guidance on the best practice for:
• Specific injury recovery
• Injury Prevention
• Strengthening and balancing weakened muscles
• Postural misalignment
• Stability of joints

The Benefits
Long, Lean Muscles. Short, bulky muscles are the types that are most prone to injury. Since Pilates exercises do not increase muscle bulk it is the perfect complimentary exercise system for runners, dancers, cyclists, sports athletes and yoga enthusiasts.
Learn to strengthen your core. From your shoulders to knees, it is essential to strengthen your core for balance and stability and preventing falls and injuries.

My training improves sports performance. My classes condition the whole body down to your ankles and feet, which contribute to healthy, balanced muscles. Doing the same workout every day causes muscle imbalance. By practicing my Pilates training you are taking care of your body as a whole.

Alison Hogan Pilates provides Strength, Focus & Stretching. Insufficiently stretched muscles cause many problems for athletes and runners, slowing them down at best, or leading to a serious injury at worst.

Focus on Your Breathing. Focused breathing techniques and stretching warm up the core and the intercostal muscles that connect the ribs. This makes breathing smooth and you will use your full lung capacity.

Pilates for Impact Protection. Sports people endure constant impact on their muscles while training for running, GAA sports, rugby, cycling, etc. The core strength built with regular Pilates training makes the body more capable to deal with the impact. Body alignment and balance also improve, distributing the force felt from training throughout the body more efficiently.

As my classes are dedicated to spine health and core strength you will find after a short time these areas have improved and so will your performance.

The Pilates Studio – Feel the Difference



Pilates is most certainly not just for women. In fact it was Joseph Pilates who developed the Pilates technique. He helped countless dancers, boxers and sport people from his studio in N.Y. from the 1920s to the 1960s.
Today, the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team, to name but one, use Pilates to recover from injury and increase their movement and flexibility to strengthen their game.
Pilates training is highly relevant for men’s fitness and strength. It is most commonly used to reduce and relieve back pain while building a strong back and core. The exercises specifically target deeper core muscles to build strength and flexibility while developing a toned, fit appearance.
With regular practice and attendance to my classes you are making an investment in your body. I am passionate about what you wish to achieve. During my 12 years experience teaching Pilates, I developed my unique method – Alison Hogan Pilates. My classes provide clear instruction ensuring you are performing the exercises properly, safely and targeting the right muscles.
I aim to help men gain the most from my unique teaching method and to help them build stronger, healthier bodies.
My method is progressive which means you are always challenged and continue to improve your level of fitness and health. My classes provide individual attention helping you reach your health goals and challenging you to reach your full potential.

The Results are Amazing!

Benefits from my classes:
• Builds Strength & Flexibility
• Reduces Back Pain
• Improves postural problems & strengthens whole back
• Increases core strength, stability and peripheral mobility
• Prevents injury
• Aids rehabilitation after accident / injury
• Compliments existing cardio fitness
• Enhances movement
• Longer & leaner muscles
• Boosts mood and relaxation
• Mind Body exercise system
• Improves Stability of the joints
• Develops body awareness and postural alignment
• Low impact exercise (it easy on the joints)
• Modified to suit everyone from rehab patients to elite athletes
• Enhances sports performance (golf, running, rugby, triathlon, football, etc.)
• Improves balance, coordination & circulation
• Uses of the body’s natural resistance
• Feel good about yourself and your body

No matter what sport or activity you enjoy Alison Hogan Pilates has benefits for you.


Sedentary Professionals:

Stuck to a desk all day? Pilates is a fantastic exercise option for you. After been seated all day you can start to feel:
• Stiff and achy from tight muscles.
• Headaches and eyestrain from working at a desk for long hours.
• Tired and sleepy from the lack of moving around during the day.
• Irritated and frustrated from low endorphin release, which only occurs during exercise.
• Unmotivated and low mood from the lack of exercise.
• Unconfident and unattractive physically from loss of muscle tone as a result of inactivity.
I understand it is difficult to find the motivation to change what can become a habit so quickly. It might seem easier to go home after a long day and sit down again, but I want to help people change to a healthier lifestyle. I teach slow and easy changes to integrate into your lifestyle every week.

Why do Pilates?
• Reduced Back Pain and Aches
• Boost Circulation and sense of Wellbeing
• Longer & leaner muscles
• Improves postural problems
• Boosts mood and relaxation
• Increases core strength, stability and peripheral mobility
• Mind Body exercise system
• Prevents injury
• Aids rehabilitation after accident / injury
• Compliments existing cardio fitness
• Enhances movement
• Builds strength & flexibility
• Develops body awareness and postural alignment
• Low impact exercise (it easy on the joints)
• Modified to suit everyone from rehab patients to elite athletes
• Enhances sports performance (golf, running, triathlon, football, etc.)
• Improves balance, coordination & circulation
• Uses the body’s natural resistance
• Feel good about your body

I am passionate about my method of Pilates. I have seen the results over and over. It is one of the most powerful, results delivering exercise systems I have ever come across. It will changes how your feel about exercise and your body. Alison Hogan Pilates is for everyone!


Active Age 50+

My Active Age 50+ is dedicated to older ladies and gents who believe in a strong, healthy active lifestyle. As we age, it is important we look after our bodies maintaining good body function, tone, flexibility, and range of movement in our joints. It is important to know you will be able to do an exercise method, that it is gentle and effective. You are helping to prevent and fight against postural problems, back and muscle weakness, bone thinning and other issues such as incontinence.

Class Description
Active Age 50+ is a seated and standing series I have specially designed for the older person. Classes are 1 hour in length based in a comfortable and welcoming studio environment. These classes are slow and gentle. They do not require you to get up and down from the floor. I provide individual attention for pre-discussed conditions. There are several different pieces of equipment we use in this class to ensure you work at your individual level within your own personal limitations to achieve your goals.

Over time our body loses flexibility, strength and mobility. Very often becoming stiff, sore and not functioning as well as it once did. There is a direct link between muscle loss and the onset of many degenerative diseases such as Osteoporosis, Stenosis, Compression Fractures, Arthritis, Adult Scoliosis, Disc Degeneration, Degenerative Spondylolisthesis, and Sciatica. GP’s and physiotherapists recommend the Pilates exercise system to maintain a strong, healthy body. Pilates also comes highly recommended during recovery from breast cancer, in preparation for and post op for prostate cancer and for any incontinence issues.
Active Age 50+ is designed for:
• Preventing the onset of the above conditions or control the condition achieving pain free movement.
• Maintaining muscle strength and tone.
• Building core strength to enhance good posture and back health
• Improved sleep patterns, relaxation and memory
• An outlet for stress with strong focus on the use of the breath.
• A new outlook toward exercise with a system any one of any age, fitness level or physical limitations can do.
• An improved ability for cardio exercise such as walking, golfing etc. due to improved core and back strength.

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