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I have worked in the fitness industry for almost 16 years training as an advanced level fitness instructor, along with my qualifications in Yoga and Pilates teaching. I have tried many exercise regimes but I’ve never found anything as powerful as Pilates! This is why I dedicated my career to assisting people to reach their body goals through Pilates. I am also certified in advanced specialized training for Pre & Post Natal, Pilates on the Ball and Pilates using additional equipment.

How is my method unique?

Alison Hogan Pilates is a unique method of Pilates that has organically evolved on the back of thousands of hours experience. Working with all kinds of different body shapes, abilities and limitations. It is this decade and a half of experience, knowledge and my passion for Pilates that sets my classes apart.

Helping people effectively realise their body goals and the refinement of that process is how I developed ‘Alison Hogan Pilates’. You get the best of my experience and great training techniques when you choose my classes.

I know my Pilates method will transform your body and how you feel about yourself. In my classes I’m dedicated to helping you understand and feel the benefits of the fundamental techniques of Pilates. I work hard to ensure you see results, achieve your goals and keep progressing.

“Your Pilates experience develops step by step to keep giving you the results you want!”

My hands-on approach allows me to give slight adjustments ensuring your posture and body alignment are always correct. Alison Hogan Pilates is an individual experience. My classes offer you the opportunity to discover just how great you can be.

“You are always being supported to the next level in my classes!”

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