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Pilates for Men

Pilates is most certainly not just for women. Yes, there is Pilates for men too! In fact it was Joseph Pilates who developed the Pilates technique. He helped countless dancers, boxers and sports people from his studio in N.Y. from the 1920s to the 1960s.Today, the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team, to name but one, use Pilates to recover from injury and increase their movement and flexibility to strengthen their game.
Pilates training is highly relevant for men’s fitness and strength. It is most commonly used to reduce and relieve back pain while building a strong back and core. The exercises specifically target deeper core muscles to build strength and flexibility while developing a toned, fit appearance.
With regular practice and attendance to my classes, you are making an investment in your body. I am passionate about what you wish to achieve. During my 12 years experience teaching Pilates, I developed my unique method – Alison Hogan Pilates. My classes provide clear instruction ensuring you are performing the exercises properly, safely and targeting the right muscles.
I aim to help men gain the most from my unique teaching method and to help them build stronger healthier bodies.
My method is progressive which means you are always challenged and continue to improve your level of fitness and health. My classes provide individual attention helping you reach your health goals and challenging you to reach your full potential.

The Results are Amazing!

Benefits from my classes:
• Builds Strength & Flexibility
• Reduces Back Pain
• Improves postural problems & strengthens whole back
• Increases core strength, stability and peripheral mobility
• Prevents injury
• Aids rehabilitation after accident / injury
• Compliments existing cardio fitness
• Enhances movement
• Longer & leaner muscles
• Boosts mood and relaxation
• Mind-Body exercise system
• Improves Stability of the joints
• Develops body awareness and postural alignment
• Low impact exercise (it easy on the joints)
• Modified to suit everyone from rehab patients to elite athletes
• Enhances sports performance (golf, running, rugby, triathlon, football, etc.)
• Improves balance, coordination & circulation
• Uses the natural resistance of the body
• Feel good about yourself and your body

No matter what sport or activity you enjoy Alison Hogan Pilates has benefits for you.

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