*Restore Your Core * 
Join Me For This Hands on Workshop & Next Level Masterclass Mixed with a Bit of Craic and Delicious Snacks!

Boost Your Recovery To Get Your DR Separation Closing  And Your Body Function Back More Effectively!  Pilates, Women, Chat, Secret Techniques all you could want from a day out with. 
This Workshop Starts In 
Schedule Of The Day
  •  Greeting and Introductions
  •  In this safe and open space, I will help you better understand the issues you are experiencing, the physiology behind them and the solution path to recovery
  •  Delve into your personal symptoms and let me help you scale the severity of your problem
  • I will check each personal individually for Abdominal strength and feedback
  •  Review of MamaLates- Restore Your Core,  online program. Active run through of Video 3 with technique adjustments to ensure you are doing them all correctly and engaging properly.
  •  Introducing an abdominal technique I feel is the key to highly effective engagement.
  •  Break - Have fun and connect with other Ladies over some delicious healthy snacks - Don't worry there will be plenty of tea and coffee too!!
  •  Step up MamaLates 2 Maintenance program MasterClass with hands on adjustments

You Will Leave With
  • A greater understanding of your particular issues and the severity of them right now
  •  An exact assessment of your abdominal separation (if applicable)
  •  Confidence in your Plan to Recovery. 
  •  Confidence you are executing the exercises and the techniques correctly
  •  A great sense of well-being and renewed motivation to stay the course to recovery through your at home practice.
  •  Regaining your Body Confidence Every Day as you continue your journey with me.
Workshop Location
Google Map; The Dancing Soul, Monksland, Athlone
Within Daneswell Business Park - Drive Behind Savoury Fare Cafe. see Monksland Medical Center. In this door we are up on the 2nd floor.
Alison Hogan, Expert Fitness & Pilates Instructor, 14 years Client Experience
Hi I’m Alison HoganI’ve been delivering Pilates for over 14 years now. 

I have created specialised signature programs for women and I have seen the proven results of pilates for post-natal women and the effect on lower back pain and urinary incontinence.

 I’m now bringing these results to you in the comfort of your home, using my Mamlates Program.
"I first started Pilates when I was 27 weeks pregnant with my third child. I was hoping it would help with the birth and my stomach muscles. I also thought it might help with my pelvic floor muscles even though I thought I was a lost cause.

In my early twenties I got a urinary infection and as a result had sudden urge to urinate and had very little control. When I give birth to my first child I tried to do the exercises but I felt my pelvic floor had been weakened further. When I had my second child I took up jogging to get fit and I realised just how weak my bladder was. On my third pregnancy, it got out of control all altogether. If I coughed or sneezed I would leak and I was constantly conscious not to be far from a toilet at any time. I was resigned to the fact that I would have surgery to rectify the issue after the baby was born, as I felt I was too young to be incontinent.

I started Pilates with Alison and within 5 weeks I couldn’t believe the difference it made to me. For the first time in more than 15 years, I had gained control of my pelvic floor muscles even though the baby was putting further pressure on them. I had learned how they worked and the anxiety of leaking has been alleviated. I will be signing up for postnatal classes and I feel there will be no need for surgery. I have recommended to my few friends who have confided that they have similar issues, and I can’t recommend them highly enough it has helped me so much. I’m very thankful to Alison and I’m raging I didn’t do her Pilates earlier in my life."
Happy Client 
Can't Make the Workshop? Take a Look at the MamaLates Restore Your Core online program

Frequently Asked Questions
What Do I Wear?
Comfortable workout gear - leggings and a tee shirt is perfect!

What Do I Need to Bring?
Just yourself, a towel and a water bottle (Filtered and Kangen Water Available)

Where Is The Studio?
Google Map - The Dancing Soul, Monksland, Athlone

Will There Be Lunch?
We will be breaking about 12noon for healthy snacks, tea and coffee.
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