Homeschooling is FINALLY over. Now, what about me??

Homeschooling is FINALLY over. Now, what about me??

We are all getting on with things as best we can but that shouldn’t be enough. I know I have definitely felt the effects of too much food, drink and not enough movement.

As we emerge from lockdown and pitch a tent in front of our hairdresser (or is that just me?!) it is important to break the cycle and reset.


As women, we have experienced such increased stress and pressure since the lockdown. I feel like a 1950’s housewife in an article I read recently that really made me think. Without childcare and with limited family support home can feel like a fortress. Had the restrictions eased for Phase 2?? I hadn’t noticed through the din of 4 children destroying my house….

I am definitely glad the daily homeschool battle is over. I have vowed that I will use it to get outside a bit more with the kids. I have also promised myself a bit of ‘me’ time to recharge and do something that re-energizes me.

If you are looking for some advice and guidance about where to start with exercise or fitness check out my free mini-course for mothers of ALL ages Your Post Baby Body Explained

We all need a bit of community right now. I know I do.

Ali x


Navigating pregnancy in this ‘new normal’  

Navigating pregnancy in this ‘new normal’

I have 4 kids and over 17 years of experience as a Pilates & PreNatal fitness instructor for hundreds of pregnant women and new mums. I’ve learned a few things along the way! Some of them I’ve learned the hard way but often I have learned them from listening to other women, hearing their experiences, getting advice and asking questions.

As we emerge from lockdown I am so very conscious of all the expectant Mums I am missing over the past few months. So many women now are going through their pregnancies in isolation. The EXACT opposite of what we need as pregnant women.

So many new mums are also missing out on the community and shared experience and support of Mother & Baby classes. These are crazy times and we get on with it as best we can- but it’s not easy. As the restrictions ease it can be even harder to figure out a ‘new normal’ as a pregnant woman.

Months ago I wrote a blog listing my ‘top tips’ for pregnant women. Now as I look at my list I see how even the simplest things are harder today for pregnant women, especially first-time mothers. Where can you go safely and what classes are out there? But although it is hard to get information or support it doesn’t make it any less important to please keep trying.

My advice for pregnant women is simple.

1. Knowledge is POWER. Knowledge about prenatal wellness, exercise, physical and mental preparation, labour options and postnatal recovery are so important for a smoother journey. Learn as much as you can. You don’t have to agree or like it but learn about all your options!

2. Work SMARTER. Exercising incorrectly during pregnancy is risky. Our bodies change so much during pregnancy so exercising safely is the no.1 priority to be better prepared for labour and postnatal recovery. As many as 60% of new mums carry abdominal separation injury past the initial 12 week period. This can lead to many health issues with the back, core and bladder.  You can exercise safely and work hard. Long-term ab separation among my BabyBumps prenatal clients are as low as 10% and I am a merciless instructor!

3. It’s ALL about the postnatal recovery. Even the worst labour can only last a matter of hours! But postnatal recovery can take months and years if it is neglected. It is normal to have lots of ‘weird stuff’ after a baby but it is not normal if it is still there when your baby is a toddler. There are so many things you can do during pregnancy to avoid or minimize postnatal issues. You need to get prepared and stop thinking the labour is the finale. It’s only the beginning!

4. Keep MOVING FORWARD. I meet so many women who want to ‘get their old body back’ after the baby is born. Once you have a baby you can never go back! You have an updated version of you with more strength & stamina then you knew you ever had. What ‘worked before’ needs to be updated with a new approach to fitness and exercise. You need to understand how to rebuild your strength & regain good functionality before you tackle the aesthetics.

Remember… just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. But it will be worth it.

My BabyBumps Pregnancy virtual classes are live every week and you can join from the safety of your home.

#NewNormal What To Expect Returning To Studio Classes


A step by step Customer guide for your first, post reopening, visit.

 What to expect…

  • Upon arrival to the Studio building cover your mouth and nose properly with a mask or face covering.  This is an enforced policy at present – please do not remove your covering for the duration of your visit.
  • Enter the building and use the stairs to access our floor.
  • Keeping to the LEFT side of stairs – signage in place
  • We are operating a ONE in one out in the toilet for Hand Washing.
  • Compulsory hand washing before entering the studio is a cornerstone of the safety features we are adopting. Please execute diligently.
  • This may result in a Que system along the RIGHT side of the stairs THREE steps apart – Markings in place
  • The Waiting Area is OUT OF USE during this time.
  • Come right to the end of the hall – The BOTTOM door is the new ENTRANCE.
  • We will endeavour to keep all doors OPEN in advance of class start times avoiding any contact with doors along your journey.
  • As you enter please follow the perimeter around by the windows to the 1st available spot closest to the store and fill back to the new entrance door.
  • Once you enter you will see the designated spots to place YOUR OWN MAT onto.
  • Roll out your mat, take off your shoes, gather your items and walk up to the store deposit your belongings in one of the cubbies and return to your mat until the class begins.
  • Because of the handwashing, there will be a staggered entry so please be swift to get your mat down & your belongings stowed away.
  • The designated areas as specifically set to ensure correct social distance PLEASE do not place your mat anywhere except inside one of these outlines.
  • Enjoy your class!!!
  • When the class is finished STAY at your spot and roll up your mat .
  • From the TOP (closest to the store) one at a time go to the store to retrieve your items GO BACK TO YOUR SPOT. Put your shoes/coat etc on and one by one leave via the TOP door.
  • The cubbies will be the first thing the instructors sanitize after each class.
  • Ensure to hand sanitize as you leave the studio.

Feel the effects of the class for at least 2 days or you were not working hard enough!!! Get your next week’s classes booked.

I am so looking forward to welcoming everyone back and I already know there will be plenty of new faces who have been joining us online.

In the meantime please observe all guidelines so we can open and stay open.

All Roads Lead to Pilates


As we set out on the next phase of this ‘Covid-19’ journey these are the ways you can access, join in and benefit hugely from our classes #NewNormal

LIVE with CatchUp

In-Studio and Online

As a member, you can choose whatever classes that suits you best, book in online and join your classes either In-studio or LIVE online from home.

Members can also access PLAYBACKS of your favourite classes FREE from home – this is especially good if our class times don’t suit you, take another type of class or just to redo your session again later in the week.



This service allows you to purchase a one class session online and access it for 7 days unlimited

All our classes and all instructors are available on this service


Online Programs

We have an array of complete online program series you can work through yourself and complete in your own time

There are several FREE programs eg; Mama’s Gym & Tonic and my Tummy Self Check post-baby Training for abdominal separation in mums.

Fundamentals for complete beginners FREE series and Pilates for BackAche FREE series

Also available in this format is my  ‘Restore Your Core’ Starter Series – Video Series

‘Restore Your Core’ Full Women’s Health – Video & ebook series program

BURN High-Intensity Pilates Practice – Video & ebook series program

Bump’n’Ball – Pregnancy Mini – Video series program

PLUS Coming Soon

Pilates BeginnerBasics – PreOnline class video preparation series

BarreBasics – preBarre Class Video preparation series

BuggyBootcamp – postnatal buggy workout series – ebook


I feel that these individually or combined will best serve as many of you as possible as we all navigate this #NewNormal and the reintegration back to ‘normal’ activities.

I CANNOT wait to welcome you all back in person very soon but in the meantime.. What are you waiting for… this IS the #NewNormal!!!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye – We are Reopening!!!!

I’ve been dreaming of the day I could post this announcement!

NEVER, in a million years, did I think when I made the decision to close back on March 15th that it would be more than FOUR months before another customer would walk back through the doors. Even though I’ve lived it I still can’t really believe it.

That’s not to say we’ve been idle.. most of you joined me for the

Gym & Tonic 7-day Challenge

a 10 Day Body Reset Challenge

& 7Min ab Challenges

All our members made the most of the full-length FlatBellySeries and Belly&Barre Videos we prerecorded just before lockdown began.

Since May we have been running a regular timetable of classes via LIVE stream. All our members also have access to the PLAYBACKS of all classes!

The LIVE classes online have, honestly, worked out better than I could ever have imagined. They have allowed you to participate fully in your favourite classes from home but yet maintain that sense of connection, purpose and mindful intention I feared would be lost. As instructors, we have been able to instruct, correct & motivate you as though we were all in the same room!

A ton of mums, just like me, took on the Restore Your Core online program and the 21day challenge which we have repeated SIX times since lockdown began!

More have tried the RYC Starter Series and lots of expectant mums started the @home BUMP’nBALL mini online program

Now, as we move forward, we have considered all the options we could possibly offer to serve every customer best.

Our, in-studio, new safety operating procedures (link above on image), among other things, means we will allow only a limited number per class. I am also hyper-aware that a chunk of our customers may not wish, or be able, to attend live classes.

Expectant Mums and New mums may choose not to attend a class setting until a little later in the ‘reopening phase’ along with customers who may themselves or have close contacts with vulnerabilities.

As Lockdown unfolded my eyes were opened to the volume of people who prefer the option to join in from home both in a LIVE or OnDemand format. Among those have been many new customers joining from around the country, in fact, we’ve been joined by people all around the world!!

Its been such an amazing experience for me. And so for these reasons we have decided to continue our LIVE streaming service alongside our in-studio classes.

I have been working hard in an area I have absolutely ZERO aptitude for.. technology!! To ensure we bring the best service to the most people seeking out the amazing benefits Pilates & Barre can bring to EVERY body.

NOW, more than ever we need to care for our whole wellness; body and mind. We need to get (or stay) active, make some real headspace – especially if we are still in some ways isolated and practise some regular mindfulness.

The impact of the lockdown has been very real on everyone’s physical health and most certainly mental health – no one has escaped. Anything that can break the unhealthy cycle and habits, that have been enforced on us, is a blessing and should be embraced wholeheartedly.

Pilates is always referred to as Active Relaxation – If you have been doing class you will understand. Its mindful movement that forces your brain to switch off everything else and you focus entirely on your movement, breath and core engagement. Leaving you feeling lighter, longer, leaner and completely refreshed and relaxed like you’ve just hit the reset button! It definitely is two birds with one stone scenario.

As we set out on the next phase of this ‘Covid-19’ journey these are the ways you can access, join in and benefit hugely from our classes #NewNormal

>Click the Image Below to show you how ‘All Roads Lead to Pilates'<


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