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Exercise for Back Pain & Injury

Back Health, Injury Recovery & Prevention
Pilates is the best exercise for back pain. For those seeking rehabilitative benefits, we aim to achieve positive movement experiences. Our posture, how we move, and extended periods of sitting influence how much pressure we place on some muscles while weakening others. Alison Hogan Pilates restores balance and alignment while toning, strengthening, and gently stretching your entire body.
Pain and discomfort can become all too normal. My experience allows me to quickly assess your postural and injury concerns. Alison Hogan Pilates builds confidence by helping you learn body awareness and create positive movement experiences for yourself.

Pilates can Relive Back Pain and Discomfort
A vast portion of customer’s initial motivation to do Pilates was due to back pain or back weakness and its’ impact on their lives. I am still amazed how everyone regardless of their issues reports massive improvements even after just a few classes!

Pilates can Prevent Injury
With Alison Hogan Pilates you attain a strong focus on your core muscles. Nearly all our movements initiate from the core. A strong core allows for excellent postural balance and ease of movement. Enhanced strength and flexibility lead to greater overall body stability preventing strains, weakness, and injuries from simple everyday tasks and sporting endeavours.

Individual & Tailored
Alison Hogan Pilates exercises are modified and tailored to the individual needs while retaining their effectiveness. I ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed while learning the Pilates principles. I also use equipment aids to work with different physical conditions.

Pain Free
The Pilates method is a proven rehabilitative exercise system. Doctors and physical therapists agree it creates powerful and active results in relieving pain and discomfort.

“Pain does not have to rule your life, there is a solution…Alison Hogan Pilates”

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