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It has NEVER been more important for expectant mums to stay active and stay connected.

Covid 19 has, quite rightly, forced expectant mums into isolation meaning they are missing out on some of the most important and fabulous experiences of Pregnancy.

Not being able to go to pregnancy-specific classes means you don’t get to connect with other expectant mums on the same journey, you are not learning the best ways to stay fit and strong safely during pregnancy, you are missing out on a unique environment where you learn so many interesting and useful tips for a fantastic pregnancy and all the ways to prepare for a great birth experience.

To combat all of the above I am now offering my Comprehensive Pregnancy Program LIVE Online weekly as well as giving you access to the PLAYBACK so you can take the class again or at a more convenient time.

I have been able to transfer the content to the Virtual platform and I am delighted to say its actually working great! The mums to be are loving being able to finish their relaxation and slip straight into bed!


I’m offering this for the same price (usually cost more) as the regular Pilates classes plus a discounted 1st month! So for just €47 you will get a months Live classes plus PLAYBACK to repeat again during the week.

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BUMP’n’Ball At Home Program

Along with the Weekly classes, you should also get the Bump’n’Ball at the home program €27 – it’s a 2 part video tutorial about how to correctly choose and use a BirthBall throughout your pregnancy, the MANY benefits and also a 30min exercise routine you can do while watching tv in the evenings!

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I look forward to seeing you in our Virtual Classes and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me

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Alison x


Pregnancy Pilates Classes


"I cannot recommend Alison's Pregnancy Pilates classes highly enough. I always felt great after a class, learned something new and really believe the classes helped me have a problem free, positive pregnancy experience. I also found the classes such great preparation for labour physically, mentally and emotionally. Alison is a mine of information about all things pregnancy related! and a great support. Thank you so much Alison!" Louise Cassidy

Baby Bumps is my dedicated pregnancy Pilates classes for pregnant women. It is completely safe for mother and baby. I try to provide an enjoyable experience for mothers to be to connect with their baby. This pregnancy Pilates class helps to prepare the body and mind for birth.

Class Description
My antenatal classes combine the principles of Yoga, Alison Hogan Pilates, breathing and relaxation techniques. I instruct on how to gently stretch and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, back, arms and buttocks offering you an all-inclusive fully rounded class. You will leave feeling calm, relaxed, and good about yourself.

Participation encouraged from 12 weeks right to the end of pregnancy.

Benefits of Baby Bumps

Excellent exercise during pregnancy
Pregnancy is tiring and you experience various level of aches and discomfort. Since most traditional exercise routines aren’t suggested during pregnancy, Pilates is ideal. It strengthens the muscles used during birth, helping to make your delivery easier.

Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight
With a regular Alison Hogan Pilates routine, you maintain a healthy weight for your pregnancy. It also prevents unwanted weight gain when used along with health eating helping you enjoy pregnancy.

Mind / Body balance
Alison Hogan Pilates is more than an exercise routine for toning and strengthening. The mind / body balance achieved during practice decreases mood shifts and increases relaxation and a feeling of centeredness.

A great nights sleep
Pregnancy changes and challenges your sleep pattern along with finding a comfortable sleeping position. Alison Hogan Pilates is designed around controlled breathing, which promotes good blood circulation. You will wake refreshed and relaxed making the day ahead more enjoyable.

Stress Reduction
Whether you are in your first, second or third trimester you are aware of your body and mood changes. With the Alison Hogan Pilates method you use concentrated flowing movements to help you focus on the present and reduce stress. Decreasing stress levels during pregnancy is important for you and baby.

My pregnancy Pilates classes provide an enjoyable time for mothers to be.


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