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Best Pilates Classes Athlone for Athletes & Sports People

I aim to provide the best Pilates classes in Athlone for athletes and sports people in Athlone. Pilates has enhanced athletes, dancers, and sports people’s performance all around the world for the last 60+ years. Pilates is recommended by many high profile sporting bodies like the GAA and the Rugby Union.
During my classes, you increase your body awareness, its limitations, and possible imbalances. You will become a better athlete understanding your body’s capabilities and preventing injury.

I Provide Guidance on the Best Practice for:

• Specific injury recovery
• Injury Prevention
• Strengthening and balancing weakened muscles
• Postural misalignment
• Stability of joints

To achieve the best results, you need to choose the best Pilates classes.

The Benefits

Long, Lean Muscles
Short, bulky muscles are more prone to injury. Since Pilates exercises do not increase muscle bulk it is the perfect complimentary exercise system for runners, dancers, cyclists, sports athletes and yoga enthusiasts.

Learn to Strengthen Your Core
From your shoulders to knees, it is essential to strengthen your core for balance and stability. It will prevent falls and injuries.

My Training Improves Sports Performance
My classes condition the whole body from head to toes. This contributes to healthy, balanced muscles. Doing the same workout every day causes muscle imbalance. By practicing my Pilates training you are caring for your whole body.

Alison Hogan Pilates Provides Strength, Focus & Stretching
Insufficiently stretched muscles cause many problems for athletes and runners. Your performance is affected or you could have a serious injury at worst.

Focus on Your Breathing
Focused breathing techniques and stretching warm up the core and the intercostal muscles that connect the ribs. This makes breathing smooth and you use your full lung capacity.

Pilates for Impact Protection
Sports people endure constant impact on their muscles while training for running, GAA sports, rugby, cycling, etc. The core strength built with regular Pilates training makes the body more capable of dealing with the impact. Body alignment and balance improve, distributing the force felt from training throughout the body more efficiently.

As my classes are dedicated to spine health and core strength you will find after a short time these areas have improved along with your performance.

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