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“Along with keeping up with new trends, research, and findings I have attained a wealth of knowledge and insight in 12 years experience.”

With The Pilates Studio Athlone, Co. Westmeath you get long, strong, lean muscles while feeling more flexible with the best of mindfulness. Joseph Pilates first designed the Pilates exercises in the 1920s for dancers and those with injuries. It is a low impact all over body toning system using the body’s own resistance with slow, controlled movements using the breath. Unlike other toning exercise classes, Pilates is a progressive toning system. Your exercises adapt to your progress and your level of strength and flexibility.

Alison Hogan Pilates is For Everyone!

Professional athletes and Hollywood actors use Pilates to get their amazing bodies. But everyone can get amazing body results. My different classes cater for everyone from busy mums to people stuck to a desk all desk. Pilates enthusiasts describe it as the best exercise system to see improvement in flexibility, posture, abdominal tone and back strength. Those with injuries or spinal, joint or muscular issues say it decreased their pain almost completely. The Pilates Studio Athlone provides an effective and powerful workout with amazing results in a short time.
I don’t eat beginners! Rest assured if you’ve never tried Pilates before I won’t roast you and serve you up to the experienced class. Unlike a lot of Pilates instructors, I offer a specialized total beginner introductory program called Fundamentals and only total beginners are allowed!

My Method

The unique method I teach is my own. The ‘Alison Hogan Pilates Method’ is an unrivalled carefully crafted Pilates program. It is the result of 1000’s of hours experience working with different body types and rehabilitative requirements to deliver results. It is built with knowledge, experience, and passion.

Classes are creative and vibrant, always evolving to meet your needs. I believe in delivering classes that are fun, boost health, and improve flexibility while focusing the body and mind.

Why Alison Hogan Pilates?
Alison Hogan Pilates compliments any of your existing exercises to improve posture and muscle tone for a leaner, stronger, sculpted look. You will see and feel the positive results of practicing my unique method of Pilates. You will love the way you feel, the mind-body balance and rejuvenation after every class. The benefits are endless!
‘It’s all about Results! How amazing will it be when you come looking for a particular result, achieve it and then realize you got way more! How much will you love it!’

Still wondering if Pilates is right for you?
“10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body.” Joseph Pilates
The Pilates Studio offers over 20 classes 6 days a week, with flexible payments plans and excellent professional instruction there is a perfect option for you.

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