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Pregnancy ‘Home Truths’… 5 Things I Wish Every Expectant Mum Knew!

Knowledge is POWER – Denial will only punish you.

After 2 kids and 15 years as a Prenatal Fitness Instructor and Pilates instructor here are the 5 things I wish every pregnant woman knew.

1. Knowledge is POWER – denial will punish you. Knowledge about prenatal wellness, exercise, physical and mental preparation, labour options and postnatal recovery are so important for a smoother journey. Denial might feel like a good option but the only person that hurts is you! The baby will be well, happy and content but you will be an exhausted emotional wreck!

2.  Pregnancy is not an illness It’s an endurance challenge and you’ve signed up! You need to get physically & mentally prepared because quitting is not an option 😉 You should exercise and work hard but ONLY under experienced guidance. Sadly the vast majority of fitness instructors DO NOT HAVE THE TRAINING or experience. Nor do they understand the risks & potential knock on effects main stream programs have on an expectant mums body.

3. Exercising Incorrectly in pregnancy is RISKY. Work smater! Our bodies change so much during pregnancy and there are so many ways you can cause yourself an injury or increase your risk of postnatal conditions such as Diastasis Recti-abdominal separation, pelvic floor weakness including urinary incontinance issues, back pain and sciatica. Exercising safely is the No.1 priority to ensure the exercise you do will positively impact your body. Counteracting the negative physical changes pregnancy brings will support your growing baby, your changing body, and leave you better prepared to recover post-baby. Up to 90% of women experience an separation during pregnancy and as many as 60% of new mums continue to carry this injury past the initial 12 week period. You can exercise safely and work hard but knowledge is the key. Post 12 week ab separation among my BabyBumps prenatal clients are as low as 10% and I am a merciless instructor 😉

4. It’s ALL about the postnatal recovery. Even the worst labour can only last a matter of hours. But postnatal recovery can take months and years if it is neglected. It is normal to have lots of ‘weird stuff’ after a baby but it is not normal if it persists. There are so many things you can do during your pregnancy to avoid and at the very least minimize your risks of these postnatal issues. You need to get prepared and stop thinking the labour is the finale. It’s only the beginning!

5. Stop obsessing about ‘getting your body back’ after the baby is born . Once you have a baby you can never go back! It is an updated version of you! and you need a new approach to fitness and exercise. You need to understand how to rebuild your strength & good functionality before you tackle the aesthetics.

Every pregnant women I meet or mother with a new baby makes me want to sit them down and ask them- do you know all this?

I hate to see women having to work harder or suffer longer because they don’t know the solutions are there for them. That’s why I designed my Babybumps workshop and I hope to see you there.



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