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2017 The Year of Body Confidence

Yes it has arrived. The New Year. You may not feel like it, but the pressure to reinvent ourselves after the Christmas blowout is everywhere we turn! For a lot of people the new year marks the start of healthier habits and the beginning of body preparations for summer when we NEED to look good and have a great body to show off. However body confidence is so much more than that. Lacking in body confidence is our perception of our own body. And it is no wonder we don’t feel good about our bodies. Every minute of the day we are been sold new ways to achieve a better outer appearance and lifestyle. To me that is a lot of pressure to try to achieve the perfect life when really there is no such thing…perfection is an illusion.


So, how do I get body confidence?

The answer is simple; you start moving your body and changing your perception. Yes, the weather in Ireland really does affect our motivation to get up and go. It has been said the first step to changing something is being aware of how we feel. So, when you know you’re not feeling motivated, you’re tired and fed up by the weather know now you can change how you feel by moving your body and refusing to give into the little voice inside your head.

You can do it.


Body Confidence & Pilates

Pilates really works as well for the body as it does for your mind. The breathing technique and the focus that is required to do Pilates exercises helps achieve relaxation of the mind. You will come away feeling revitalized with better toned abs, legs, bum, and arms with every class. Sometimes knowing we are doing something to keep our bodies fit and healthy is enough to give us body confidence. 15 minutes of Pilates a day is all it takes to get great results; effective and efficient, and a whole lot better than 0 minutes and beating yourself up about your body.


Body Confidence short cuts

Sorry there are no short cuts. If getting body confident was easy and we all had it I wouldn’t need to write this blog post. I have helped hundreds of athletes, sports people, people with postural issues, older people, pre and postnatal women and those with injuries achieve amazing body confidence. There is nothing more fulfilling in my job than to have people tell me how good they feel. It is priceless. And you should feel good about yourself too.


Be ready for every season

Don’t let New Year or an upcoming summer be the only time of the year you want to feel body confident. Start by deciding that you want and deserve to stand tall and love your uniqueness. We are not all the same. No one has that same body shape or size. Love your body and try Pilates. I really do believe in it. I have seen amazing results for both myself and all my clients. I sent years feeling if I didn’t spend x amount of time half killing myself at the gym my body wouldn’t feel good. I had to let that belief go with 2 small babies and I’m so happy I did!


See you at The Pilates Studio

I love to see new faces and help them achieve their goals. Yes you do have to work hard but you don’t have to do it alone. I am Pilates Institute London and National Training Centre Ireland trained and have 14 years’ experience teaching different classes around Ireland. I would love you to achieve your goals too.

Try a class and see how you feel!

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